The Blue Doggie

Reggie Rockenroni - The Blue Doggie.

Reggie Rockenroni is a Disney Toontown On-line fictional character. Reggie had been playing Toontown for about nine years before it closed.

This website is all about the good times and good memories of a Dad helping his Daughter playing Toontown Online while making lots of friends. What started out as helping my Daughter grew into so much more with all the friends that were made over a long period of time. This site was setup long before Toontown closed but now with the closing of Toontown it contains snapshots in time of the fun and memories of a Dad and his Daughter playing Disney Toontown Online with friends. Like with anything in life there is a start and an end. I will try to get what I can up here on this site as time permits but it's time to move on and who knows what the future holds.

Farewell Toontown Online, thanks for the memories...

Disney Toontown Online

Reggie Rockenroni's Toontown Certificate

The Blue Doggie's Toontown Certificate
Reggie's first photo

One of the first pictures ever taken of Reggie when he was around 100 laugh.

The Blue Doggie's Estate.

Reggie's Home

Around 100 laugh Reggie discovered the "Big Legs" and he has had them ever since.

Reggie says Howdy!

Reggie Rockenroni says "Howdy" from his house. His house had this design the whole time he was on Toontown.

The Cash Bot HQ crew

The CFO Crew in their favorite hiding spot behind the wall by the CFO big doors.